Fostering 21ST century literacy skills,
social equity, and economic opportunity for
Appalachian girls and young women.

PAGE (Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education) serves adolescent girls growing up in rural mountain communities in Madison County, North Carolina. Now in its fourth year, it offers learning and enrichment opportunities for girls in grades 6-9 and internships for high school girls. A highlight of PAGE each summer is a rigorous and fun educational program focused on 21st literacy education and leadership. Girls in grades 6-9 participate in a program that offers book groups, writing, arts and crafts, and a digital learning lab that melds one of the oldest of Appalachian traditions – storytelling – with 21st century technologies. PAGE seeks to help today’s mountain girls become tomorrow’s young leaders. Learn more about the program and get involved.

How many twelve-year-old girls have you talked to lately that are excited about going to “summer school?” I could name at least five off the top of my head. My daughter went to PAGE last summer. She is so excited about returning this summer... This project is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these girls.

- Lisa Wills, parent of a PAGE student

Literacy + Social Equity + Economic Opportunity

Their Stories

The girls in our program learn photography and create digital stories that meld one of the oldest traditions in Appalachian culture – storytelling – with important new skills and technologies.

Experience the girls’ voices and artistic vision as they express the worlds inside and around them...

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